About Us

Welcome to BestSellerCigars.com

BestSellerCigars.com was established in 2012. On the internet many firms care about the establishment date but BestSellerCigars does not.

The only thing BestSellerCigars cares that to provide our customers 100% authentic cuban cigars since established and 100% customer satisfaction.

The purpose of establishment of BestSellerCigars.com is to provide customers 100% authentic hand made and long filler Cuban cigars online.

You can find the most exclusive Cuban cigars of all Cuban brands with unmissable offers.

We are giving a privileged shopping experience to our members with affordable product range and high discount rates.


Why to choose BestSellerCigars.com

We are a legal company so we can provide our address and telephone number.

100% authentic hand made and long filler Cuban cigars directly for the official Habanos Importer.

As known, that is very difficult to find the original Cuban cigars online. In the World, most of firms sell fake short-filler non-cuban cigars under the name of 100% Cuban cigars. This is a significant problem.

We, as BestSellerCigars.com know that Cuban cigars should be supplied from only official importers. Therefore BestSellerCigars.com supplies the all 100% authentic handmade and long filler Cuban cigars from the Habanos S.A.


Legal Company

Today, many online companies sell products without specifying a company name and phone number.

When you contact these companies about their details, you would not be able to get a respond.

BestSellerCigars.com is a official company with Habanos license. Customers can see the all details about our company and realize that they do shopping from a real company.

Our company’s main office is located in Canada and all worldwide orders are shipped from the Caribbean, our transit warehouse is located in Cuba.


Unconditional Customer satisfaction and Customer Service

Making our guests happy is our number one priority. We serve our members with the assurance of BestSellerCigars.com.

We strive to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable shopping experiences for our customers.

All of our products are kept perfectly 16-18°C (60-65°F) and 65-70% RH in our climate controlled warehouse.

We send all products in their original boxes and as unopened.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we guarantee replacement boxes or a refund.


Secure Payment Area

The safety of our customers is, and always has been, our highest priority.

BestSellerCigars.com uses SSL secure socket layer market standards for data transfer. Your credit card information is only used while carrying out the order process and never kept in the database.

You can purchase products in peace of mind with our secure system.


Guaranteed Deliveries

We work with the world's best quality service to bring your order the safest and fastest way.

Your shipments will never get lost and delivered on time via Postal Services.


Competitive Prices

As BestSellerCigars.com, we guarantee you that we have a a competitive price policy. It is our mission to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable price.

We always prefer to sell products including taxes.

Many companies sell tax-free products through Freezone but should not be forgotten that these companies do not supply products directly from the official Importer of Habanos, They can supply the products from everywhere.

Therefore, the quality of products may change and this situation causes a mark question related to their originality in the mind.


Easy Access to The Products

As BestSellerCigars.com, we have prepared a new website in order to reach the most exclusive and high-quality Cuban cigars in the fastest way.

If you have any question about anything please contact us.